Media Predict correctly predicted toss-up 2020 Presidential election

With over 150 million votes cast, the Presidential election came down to less than 100 thousand votes in a handful of states. This was a razor-thin margin of victory. And one that Media Predict’s prediction markets foresaw. In spite of the almost daily release of polls, betting markets,and other highly-regarded projections that indicated there would be a run-away Joe Biden victory,Media Predict’s prediction market went its own way – independently of the collective wisdom and accurately predicted that this election would be very close,a true toss-up. Our market, in the month prior to the election, averaged a 51% probability that President Trump would win re-election. For the three days prior to November 3rd, our prediction market averaged a 50% probability for each candidate. And at 11:59 p.m. on November 2nd, our prediction market indicated a 50.9% probability that Joe Biden would win the election. That is incredible precision and remarkable foresight: Media Predict forecasted that it would be a very close election…and it was.

Donald Trump Re-election Probability

October 2019 to November 2020


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